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L’ Artigiano del Buon Gusto was founded in 1983, with the aim of combining the passion for good food and spices into a leading company in this sector.

From China to the Middle East to European ports, then the Indies, America. We have been covering the spice route for 30 years; that same route that in ancient times was made of caravans and camels among the desert oases, perfumed trunks embarked in exotic ports, sailing ships in the waves and winds of the mountains of the East, up to the present day.

We choose our spices by selecting the best quality ones, without preservatives, dyes or chemical additives, focusing on the territory, the certifications and the satisfaction of our customers.

Experimenting over time with the smells and flavors of spices, we have created the famous blends for bakery, meat and breading. The vast range of products is able to satisfy everyone, from the most traditional customer to the vegan, from the big industry to the small entrepreneur.

Today our company is a leader in the import-export of spices, of which it boasts a wide
assortment for variety and cutting.

We have a quality system that complies with ISO 9001: 2015, BRC and HACCP standards. We are also certified ECCELLENZE ITALIANE 2018 and 2019.

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L’Artigiano del Buon Gusto S.A.S di Cosentino & C.

Address Via Papa Giovanni XXIII 159, Trani

Office secretary: Phone +39 0883 346408
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Direction: Tel +39 347 6040123
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